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Alternate cover for Dungeons & Dragons’ Player’s Handbook radiates a wholesome vibe for players who want to D&D and chill

A refuge from the chaos.

Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Player's Handbook - alternate cover featured image.
Image credit: Wizards of the Coast, Wylie Beckert

The front cover for the alternate version of the next Dungeons & Dragons Player Handbook has been revealed.

Last week saw the unveiling of the artwork for the front cover of the Player’s Handbook, for the next version of tabletop roleplaying game - Dungeons & Dragons. Featuring depictions of classic characters from the history of the RPG - such as Strongheart the Knight, Elkhorn the Dwarf Warrior and Yolande the Elven Queen - the front cover shows a party of D&D adventurers and heroes preparing to fight against a horde of Kobolds, a classic Dungeons & Dragons enemy, with a friendly golden dragon standing behind them.

The artwork strongly implies that the group is in the midst of a battle, thereby emphasising the action elements of the fantasy roleplaying game over anything else - which is what D&D is largely known for, at least amongst the general public.

Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Player's Handbook alternate cover.
Image credit: Wizards of the Coast, Wylie Beckert

By contrast, the artwork for the front cover of the alternate version of the new D&D Player’s Handbook was revealed soon afterwards - showing a much different approach. (Thanks Polygon) Designed for collectors or players who aren’t keen on the appearance of the standard version, the alternative versions of D&D books don’t differ much from their standard counterparts beyond the outside aesthetics and front cover.

The artwork for the cover of the alternate version of the next D&D Player’s Handbook also depicts a party of adventurers, this time in a very different situation from those shown on the front of the standard book. A classic Dungeons & Dragons party - complete with wizard, cleric, fighter and rogue - are shown sharing a pot of tea inside what looks like the inside of a cave. Included within this serene tea party is a golden dragon - somewhat linking things back to the standard cover - who grasps a normal-sized tea cup in one massive paw, with the party’s rogue balancing on part of the dragon’s body above.

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This illustration by artist Wylie Beckert, who is also responsible for the front cover of the alternative version of Dungeon & Dragons: Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, certainly gives off a very different vibe to that of the cover for the standard version of the new Player’s Handbook, which was created by Tyler Jacobsen, providing players who prefer a more relaxed and introspective approach to roleplaying with a more suitable option.

The alternate version of the new D&D Player’s Handbook will be available from local game stores from September 3rd, before the wider release of the book on September 17th.

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