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Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return - Everything we know about Lorcana’s fourth set

New cards, new mechanics, new modes!

An image of Disney Lorcana card Bruno Madrigal, Out of the Shadows.
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It’s time for another Disney Lorcana set to be released. The trading card game that features various characters, songs, moments, locations and references from across Disney animated history, Disney Lorcana is seeing the launch of its fourth and latest set coming later this month. Entitled Ursula’s Return the collection of cards will include several new cards for players to implement into their existing decks, as well as use to build entirely new decks.

The overall narrative theme for this particular set should be made fairly obvious by its name: Ursula’s Return. The iconic sea witch villain has come back from her imprisonment in Rise of the Floodborn, with revenge on her mind. As such, the heroes of Disney Lorcana’s world will need to band together in order to defeat the powerful witch and restore peace once again.

Lorcana: Ursula’s Return – Everything we know

Players can expect all sorts of beloved Disney characters to appear in this new set, including the very first Lorcana appearance of characters from the animated film Encanto: such as Luisa Madrigal, Bruno Madrigal, Isabella Madrigal and Mirabel Madrigal. As well as Encanto, other Disney films seeing inclusion include Mulan, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Princess and the Frog. For everything you need to know about Disney Lorcana’s latest set, Ursula’s Return, stay tuned here.

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Ursula’s Return release date

Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return is set to be released in local game stores and Disney parks on May 17th 2024, followed by a full retail and online store release on May 31st 2024.

Where to get Ursula’s Return Cards

Players will be able to grab booster packs, Illumineer’s Trove and two different pre-built starter decks for Ursula’s Return, from local game stores and Disney parks from May 17th 2024 and online and retails stores from May 31st.

What are the starter decks for Ursula’s Return?

The starter decks for Ursula’s Return are pre-built, meaning that players will be able to begin playing with them immediately without any additional cards or alterations. The two available starter decks for this set will be an amber and amethyst deck featuring various cards themed around the Madrigal Family from Encanto - including Mirabel and Bruno - and a steel and sapphire deck including cards themed around Frozen and Hercules.

Each deck contains a total of 60 cards, as well as an additional booster pack for Ursula’s Return, a quickstart guide on how to play Disney Lorcana and all the tokens players need for a game.

What are the new gameplay mechanics in Ursula’s Return?

Two major gameplay mechanics for Ursula’s Return have been revealed so far. The Shift keyword enables players to put out a more powerful version of a character card at a reduced ink cost, if they already have a card in play that matches the requirements. Several cards featured in Ursula’s Return - including Ursula, Eric’s Bride and Diablo, Devoted Herald - feature the Shift keyword but allow players to avoid paying ink altogether, in exchange for players having to discard a certain type of card/s to pay to shift them in instead.

Another key gameplay mechanic set to be introduced with Ursula’s Return is the Sing Together keyword, which allows players to help one another to pay for song cards. This mechanic is directly tied to the brand-new co-operative game mode that will be released in the Illuneers’ Quest: Deep Trouble box alongside Ursula’s Return. With it, players will be able to pay for song cards that can cost up to a whopping 10 ink to play through the assistance of others. With Sing Together, any number of players’ teammates can assist by exhausting their own characters to help sing these song cards - which include The Mob Song, Look at this Family and A Pirate’s Life - for free.

What is Illumineer’s Quest?

Illumineer’s Quest is a new game mode set to be introduced alongside the release of Ursula’s Return. This will be a co-op game mode, as opposed to Disney Lorcana’s usual competitive mode, that will have players working together against a common foe.

The first entry in the Illumineer’s Quest series will be Deep Trouble, a box starring the iconic sea witch Ursula herself. The Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble box will feature two pre-built decks players will be able to use to fight back against Ursula, with the decks featuring cards from across all sets released for Lorcana and will contain a new Mulan, Gifted Archer card and a Yen Sid - the wizard from Fantasia - card.

Ursula will get her very own scenario deck featuring a total of 50 cards, 10 less than the usual 60 in a Lorcana deck, which will be entirely unique to the Illumineer’s Quest format. Players will be able to build and utilise their own decks against Ursula, who will have four different modes of difficulty, from easy to extreme, for up to four players to challenge.

Where to get Illumineer’s Quest?

Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble will be available for $59.99 (£54.99) from local game stores and in Disney parks from May 17th and in online and retail stores from May 31st.

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