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Get more than 10 tabletop RPGs for less than £20 with this Cypher System Humble Bundle

From sci-fi to fantasy to superheroes.

Artwork for Cypher System rulebook.
Image credit: Monte Cook Games

Get your hands on at least 10 different tabletop roleplaying games for less than £20 with a new Humble Bundle deal for titles based on the Cypher System.

The Cypher System is a gameplay engine designed to support a wide variety of tabletop RPGs. Created and published by Monte Cook Games, the Cypher System is a rules-light roleplaying game system that focuses on enabling narrative storytelling rather than numbers-heavy gameplay mechanics. Like many other roleplaying games, the Cypher System has the games master selecting a difficulty rating for a task, before having the active player roll some dice and adding up their various modifiers to see if they can overcome it.

Player characters built using the Cypher System are formed from a sentence made from three separate parts. Each one of these parts is meant to provide a descriptor for who the character is, as well as what their abilities and skills could be. This sentence can guide players to roleplaying as their characters - deciding what their goals are and what their relationships with other characters could be like.

The Cypher System TTRPG Collection Humble Bundle features three separate tiers, each one costing a certain amount and unlocking a different number of rewards.

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For £3.97 ($4.98), players can gain access to digital versions of various Cypher System roleplaying game books. The Darkest House is a horror tabletop RPG that takes place within a haunted house, a classic location for horror stories. In the game, players must explore a setting that’s built in the style of a haunted house - with empty rooms, forgotten memories and hidden secrets, all within the atmosphere of a sinister location. The other books included in this tier are The Weird - a collection of settings and potential inspirations for GMs - Your Best Game Ever and Consent in Gaming: a guide to including more sensitive topics in roleplaying games.

Tier two costs £11.92 ($15.02) and includes everything listed above, as well as several other digital books and items. Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire and Path of the Planebreaker are two setting books designed to be used with the Cypher System. Whilst Ptolus provides game masters with a fully formed city to put into their campaigns, Path of the Planebreaker features tools for GMs to turn their RPG games into a multi-universe-spanning saga in which different worlds collide. The other books included with this tier provide additional content for both Ptolus and Planebreaker.

Artwork for Cypher System rulebook.
Image credit: Monte Cook Games

The last tier for the Cypher System bundle features all of the above, as well as several other items for £19.87 ($24.93). This tier includes the digital rulebook for the Cypher System, alongside a collection of books for various roleplaying games based on the Cypher System: such as the sci-fi RPG The Stars are Fire, the dinosaur-themed Predation, Horror RPG Stay Alive!, fantasy roleplaying games Godforsaken and We Are All Mad Here, the post-apocalyptic Rust and Redemption, alongside the superhero RPGs Claim the Sky, Unmasked and Gods of the Fall.

The Cypher System TTRPG Collection Humble Bundle is live until June 2nd, with a percentage of the money collected through the bundle being donated to the American Civil Liberties Union: a non-for-profit organisation that works to protect the rights of people across the country, from LGBTQA+ people to protecting the right to abortion to protecting people from government abuse.

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