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Want more Fallout after finishing the TV show? Get into its Warhammer-like miniatures game for under £15

Engage in some Wasteland Warfare.

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You can now get everything you need to begin playing the miniatures game Fallout: Wasteland Warfare in a bundle that costs less than £15.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is a miniatures wargame created and published by Modiphius, that has players exploring the irradiated world of the video game series via a crew of miniatures. As in the franchise it’s based on, which has recently been turned into a television show on Amazon Prime, the world of Wasteland Warfare takes place in an alternate version of the US, wherein the cold war and tensions between the USA and China come to a head and result in nuclear war.

Players can create their Wasteland Warfare crew using miniatures from a wide variety of iconic factions from the series: such as Raiders, The Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave and Ghouls. When building their crew, players can select a leader who will gain various Perks and abilities to help lead the others, whilst all crew-members will gain V.A.T.S. bonuses. Players will have the option to engage in standard versus battles, as well as a co-op game mode. There are also narrative campaigns with storylines inspired by the Fallout games for players to experience, as well as a solo game mode.

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The current Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Humble Bundle includes three separate tiers - each one costing a certain amount and featuring variations on items for the miniatures game.

The lowest-costing tier of the bundle contains eight items and costs £0.82 ($1). With this tier, players can get a PDF copy of the essential Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Rules of Play, which is required to get started with the game. On top of this, the tier offers a PDF copy of the book Getting Acclimated - Initial Knowledge for Wasteland Survival, which provides new players with a rough overview of the game’s world. On top of this, players will get access to a file they can use to print out terrain - either paper or plastic, if they have a 3D printer - of a location called Red Rocket, alongside other essentials like a print-out of the Dice and Ruler info.

Costing £8.24 ($10.24), the next tier of the bundle contains everything listed above as well as other items like the roleplaying game book for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, which turns the skirmish miniatures game into a tabletop RPG wherein players use their miniatures to embark on roleplaying adventures in the Wasteland. This tier contains both parts of a campaign book for the Wasteland Warfare RPG called The Unexpected Shepard, as well as a character sheet PDF for creating characters in the roleplaying game.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures power armour dogmeat
Image credit: Modiphius

The last tier - which costs £14.84 ($18.45) - features everything already mentioned, on top of a PDF for the main Campaign Handbook for the Fallout game, which gives players all the information they need to experience campaigns, alongside another campaign book called Caught in the Crossfire, one that contains an entire narrative campaign of 10 linked scenarios. Alongside all of this, players can get several printable files for various terrain for their Wasteland Warfare games.

The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare bundle is available until May 11th, with the bundle’s selected charity being Trees, Water & People: a non-for-profit organisation that seeks to fight climate change by supporting local communities to help them manage their own natural resources.

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